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There Is a collective misconception about the mind worldwide on both the “largely inaccessible” unconscious mind and confusion between the subconscious and the unconscious mind. 

The unconscious mind is the invisible controller of the conscious, subconscious mind, and the whole body system. It is responsible for human’s predestination of the paradox of suffering and success.


Most of us lose the best time to discover this secret and take over control at a very young age. For instance, the invisible automatic coding process can trigger a child’s Autism, Dyslexiaetc. This is the exact reason why Sigmund Freud said:” The unconscious mind is largely inaccessible”.

Once we know how to hits the nub of the matter, we save the unnecessary effort of chasing tails with the part of the mind is designed to trigger the tragedy at the right time under the control of the default coming process of the unconscious mind like a lifetime effort on maintaining body and mind with meditation, mind-rewiring, NLP, etc, you name it.

Steve Jobs who mastered all kinds of mental skills is a very good sample of the side-effect.  Not even mention so many successful individuals are trapped in the same whirlpool of predestination of suffering and success, and eventual life failure. 










The default coding process ensures unexpected crash and tragic ending


  • Your wealth, success, fame never be a burden

You can move on, expand your power with no limit and side-effect. Most importantly you will be able to access the unlimited perception of your future at different levels of dimensions. 

Secure Investment

  • You will never be trapped in the largest financial frauds to date. Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme, that so many top intelligent people suffered.
  • You never need to get so angry with 

Safe Innovation And Creativity

  • You will never trap in mind matrix of premature death because of health issues like Steve Jobs, or murder like Fahim Saleh 'Next Elon Musk' was dismembered

Eliminate Waste

  • in Cost, mental energy, and effort in partnership, employment, 

Holistic Health

  • You will never live in the sense of losing control and dignity because of a=the health issue

 Intimate relationship

  • You will never suffer from a difficult relationship, marriage, dating, etc

Parenting, the unsolved business

  • You will never worry your children anymore

Aging and death

  • You will never live in the fear of death without being able to enjoy your wealth, social power and invest a hell of money trying to keep longevity as so many billionaires do

 Anything you can not solve or get an answer 

  • You will never rely on the reality bounded by the limited perception of the mind-controlled by the default coding anymore

Introduce Mind Matrix Specialist Dr. Angela Wilson 

What others say about her: 

“ Dr. Angela Wilson is the one any entrepreneurs and business owners could not afford to miss out if you desire a safe journey. ”

“Her practical application for you as a human being will open you up to broader things that you never thought possible and give you a very solid grounding foundation that is unshakable. ”

"Angela takes one to places that others can’t. The journey is both fascinating and enlightening.”

 "Dr. Angela Wilson’s ability to take you deep is unmatched by anyone in the helping profession that I have encountered.”

“You have an illumination that's just beyond anybody that I have met and I just wanted to tell you that because it's beautiful. Beautiful spirit. ”

“What She has to offer is so powerful and so unique, she truly has her hands on what humanity is looking for but afraid most of us to find.”

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Risk-free Offer

The coding process inside the mind has led a lot of elites worldwide to a tragic fall and leave a legacy of sorrow.

You are the racing car yourself on your life journey and the auto coding process is your enemy.  Taking over the control of the coding-monitoring process can ensure 100% success escaping the catch of paradox of suffering and success. 

What can stop you from the predestination is your mind to take this Risk-ree unlimited offer.

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